The Truth Hurts: 2 Lessons Learned after 2 Days of the “We Might Be Going Crazy Sale!”

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Beth Langford SoldFirst, let us offer our congratulations to Beth Langford for making the most of our craziness. Beth came in a few minutes before 4:00pm, waited for the hour hand to move from the 3 to the 4 and scooped up this gorgeous 6 drawer chest of drawers for a measly $173! Congratulations, Beth! Indeed, you have joined the ranks of Ann, as you too now have superb bragging rights throughout Estherville!!

We learned some things in the last two days. Things that surprised us; made us laugh… made us cry. And in case today is one of those days in which you haven’t learned anything new yet, we share our new learnings with you. Enjoy!

No one knows what we are doing. Things get crazy around here, and in all of our hustle and bustle (and fretting and freaking) around the “We Might Be Going Crazy Sale,” we managed to only run one newspaper advertisement. Oops.

We have been pumping out posts on our newly redesigned website ( and on Facebook. And so it is that our beloved Facebook fans have been privy to the little-known fantastic-for-getting-a-great-deal information on our sale.

Oh, I should mention that we painted up our windows with giant letters that read “WE MIGHT BE GOING CRAZY SALE! Up to 85% OFF” But apparently, people must see only one word as they cruise down Central Ave–“CRAZY” and think, “Yep, those folks at Sievert’s sure are crazy!” and continue on their merry way. So other than our wonderful Facebook followers, no one knows what in the world we are doing.

People don’t believe it. Sure, people believe we at Sievert’s are crazy, but they don’t believe our sale could really be that good. Our Facebook fans have seen the posts and know the story on this crazy sale, yet no one appears to believe it. We’ve all heard the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.” Even we generally follow that principle. Yet, we also know that there are genuine times when that rule doesn’t work (like this crazy sale of ours!).

We’ve heard the stories of others being tricked by sales people, and so people must think that Sievert’s has some trick up their sleeve. Perhaps people think that as soon as people come in the doors we play practical jokes on them. Or maybe people straight-up assume that we must be lying when we say that we lost money on an item (Jeff probably bought those pieces of furniture for $20 a piece and just wants us to think he lost money on them). It could be that people think we will spring some big “Gotcha!” fee on them as soon as they go to pay for their item. You can ask Ann and Beth for yourselves… nothing but truthfully sweet deals to be found here.

All kidding aside, I’m not sure, but Jeff may have actually shed a few tears today having now paid over $1000 more on those pieces of furniture than his customers did…

We also know people don’t believe our sale is true because there are many people who go out of their way to shop rummage sales for great finds and deals. Yet, none of these professional rummage sale shoppers have paid any attention to our sale–even though they would be looking at BRAND NEW FURNITURE at RUMMAGE SALE PRICES!

Sievert’s has never been about traditional sales techniques–their sales staff do not get paid commission! Sievert’s is proud of its long-standing focus on customer satisfaction. Jeff is constantly helping people find the best products for the smallest cost–he never tries to up-sell his customers. And that’s why so many customers of Sievert’s Furniture & Floors are returning customers.

So there it is. You now know what we know. We just wish everyone else would know what you now know. We just thought it would be fun to give some customers incredible deals this month in the hopes that maybe a few more people would walk through our store and see what we offer (we do update our products regularly!). So go ahead, take advantage of our mistake and save yourself some serious cash. You won’t find these deals anywhere else.

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